Career Acceleration

Are you taking advantage of the economic upturn? Career opportunities in the Financial Markets are there for those that are prepared.


Participants will, by the end of the course:

  • Gain clarity on what you can personally do to manage your career
  • Nail your strengths, skills and development opportunities to enhance your promotion prospects
  • Get focused: mapping your stakeholder relationships
  • Influence for success: building your visibility and profile (internally and externally)
  • Commit to action: preparing and creating a personal action plan
  • Writing your CV
  • Preparing for interviews



The key concepts and learning points are explained through facilitation and instructor led teaching, with consolidation by individual exercises and action planning


Course Agenda

Stages of career development

Defining career management and expected results

Driving your career and the process to follow

Career management musts

The key to successful career management

Exercise 1 - What are my strengths?

Exercise 2 - What are my values, preferences?

Exercise 3 - The ‘wheel of work’

Exercise 4 - Future job descriptions

Exercise 5 - Preparing your CV

Exercise 6 - ‘Managing My Career’ plan

Exercise 7 - Preparing for interviews


Four weeks after the training day

Optional one-to-one session with course facilitator either face-to-face (where possible) or on the telephone to review and assist application of key learning points.