Being a Manager (and What Employees Expect)



A carefully co-ordinated team effort is required to achieve high performance. High standards must be set and defended. Organisations are discovering that high-performing teams and team-based strategic planning add value to virtually every area of business. This course explains how to build high performance teams from the team leader's and the team member’s perspective.

Participants will be provided with practical guidance in setting direction, targets, goals and purpose for a winning team. What should team leaders do to ensure that team members have confidence in them? How can you monitoring your own management style and performance and optimise the way you manage what’s happening within the team as you work to realise given objective(s).

Who should attend?

Current or future team leaders or anyone responsible for ensuring their organisation’s implements teamworking.

Aims of the Course

In today’s challenging economic environment, no organisation should shoulder the added risk of a weak board of directors. Building a strong board is, quite simply, a business imperative. The purpose of this session is to explain how this can be achieved.


Session 1 – am. Essentials for the Team Manager

  • Confronting reality
  • Empowering yourself
  • Taking charge
  • Setting a clear agenda and focussing on concrete results
  • Knowing your team and keeping your best people
  • Tighten discipline by ensuring roles and responsibilities are understood
  • Complimenting and using praise and communication flows
  • Paying attention to process
  • Making the team holographic


Session 2 – pm. Essentials from the Team Member’s Perspective

  • Orientation into the team
  • The team member’s quest for meaning
  • Building trust with team members
  • Objectives and role clarification
  • Getting commitment
  • Implementation and high performance
  • Team renewal


Small classes, less than 5 participants, allow maximum personal attention and interaction using exercises and contract case studies.


In its ‘off-the-shelf’ form, this is 1-day course. However, the course duration and content can be tailored to suit specific requirements.