Transforming Human Resources into a Strategic Function



Does your business strategy explicitly recognise that the success of your organisation is totally dependent on your staff? Are you interested in building a world class people business so that you can attract and retain the best staff and provide them with great personal development opportunities? Are you looking to create a working environment that will ensure all customers, both internal and external, want to do more business with you, which in turn will create real value for your shareholders? If the answer to any of these is yes and you want to know how to move from the old to the new, this course is for you.


Aims of the Course

How to transform the HR function given the paradox that just as many employees expect less loyalty from organisations, organisations are more than ever dependent on high level performance from employees?


Session 1 – am. Current issues with the HR function

  • The principles and practices involved in transforming HR to implementing strategy aligned with business priorities.
  • Administration vs. Leading the HR function to create tangible business value.
  • Crucial processes and relationships to deliver business strategy.
  • Rebranding HR.
  • Becoming an “Employer of Choice."
  • Value management from a HR perspective.

Session 2 – pm. HR as a strategic core competency

  • Refocusing HR on business level outcomes rather than HR level inputs (that really do solve business problems).
  • Knowing the people problems that limit the ability of the organisation to achieve business priorities and then providing HR solutions to them.
  • Ensuring HR practices and processes align with each other and with the strategy and design of the organisation.


Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in implementing a strategic vision for HR.


Small classes, less than 5 participants, allow maximum personal attention and interaction using exercises and contract case studies.


In its ‘off-the-shelf’ form, this is 1-day course. However, the course duration and content can be tailored to suit specific requirements.