The Art and Science of Leadership



This course is an introduction how to develop leaders and managers. The art of leadership is about creating a defining standard for leadership within an organisation and the science of leadership shows how to create a model of leadership development that delegates can apply in their workplace.

Leaders should be developed through a rich variety of experiences, such as assignments, coaching, training programmes, feedback processes and psychometric questionnaires. But leadership development initiatives such as these will be far richer and more developmental when the elements of assessment, challenge and support are present. This course will show how this can and must be done.

Aims of the Course

This course explains what organisations must do to develop leaders. The art of leadership element is about how to agree a defining standard for leadership that suits your organisation and the science of leadership element shows how to create a model of leadership development that will drive an ‘aligned’ approach to leadership development that delegates can adapt to their workplace.

The approach suggested in this course is based on one developed by the management development community in a leading UK blue chip organisation and can be applied to organisation’s of any size.


Session 1 – am. The art of leadership

Leadership is the ability to clearly define and communicate the organisation's business context. It’s also about how to assess an environment – and its people – and choose the right skills and applications for any specific situation. The first step in this process is deciding how your organisation should equip employees with the key skills of organisational or team leadership for the current organisational and future business environment.

Session 2 – pm. The science of leadership

While leaders should use foresight, flair, inspiration and skills to continually push the boundaries towards achieving their organisation’s vision the organisation’s values are about helping leaders to guide their daily actions. They help to prioritise and make the right decisions when leaders are faced with tough situations. Values are there to give a shared belief and way of behaving that brings employees together and sets your organisation apart from your competitors. Unfortunately, many organisations don’t know how to work with values. To embrace values fully leaders must have capability. The science of leadership element describes what organisations must do to develop this capability.

Who Should Attend

Anyone responsible for shifting an organisation’s competitive position or faces the difficult task of developing a leadership style that reflects the organisation’s vision and helps managers achieve that vision will find this course invaluable.


Small classes, less than 5 participants, allow maximum personal attention and interaction using exercises and contract case studies.


In their ‘off-the-shelf’ form, this is 1-day course. However, the course duration and content can be tailored to suit specific requirements.