OR101 for Banks

Basel II! Sarbanes-Oxley! MiFID II! 3LoD II!

Operational risk, although not new, is different. It requires a thorough understanding throughout all levels of an organisation to ensure adequate implementation and application of the discipline to achieve regulatory and legislative requirements. This includes the requirement to formalise an operational risk discipline.

RiskBusiness International Limited has developed an Operational Risk Course aimed specifically at banks whose staff needs a basic, yet solid, understanding of operational risk. OR101 is a two-day course delivered on-site at the firm by highly experienced ex-practitioners, who have all themselves previously held senior executive positions within the financial services industry. This course can be tailored to the organisation, the function or seniority of the participants expected to attend as well as to applying the terms and phrases used by the organisation.

Session Structure


Registration and Welcome

• Module 1: Course Outline
• Module 2: What is OR?
• Module 3: Organisational Issues                    
Introduction of tools

• Module 4: OR Tools
• Module 5: Case Study


Regulation and Legislation
• Module 6: Regulatory Landscape
• Module 7: Other Related Legislation
Using tools
• Module 8: KRI Study and Library                        
• Module 9: KRI Case Study
• Module 10: Measuring OR
Summary and Conclusions 


Teaching Methods

Teaching is conducted using facilitative methods encouraging participation from all attendees. This promotes effective learning and attendees have opportunities to identify the impact on, and application to their roles back in the office. In addition, real-life case studies, group exercises and videos all enhance the learning process.

Target Audience

The Operational Risk Overview is intended for all levels of staff with some risk experience and who has a requirement for a basic understanding of operational risk within their role. Classes can be grouped by function, role, seniority or a combination of these as specified by the organisation.

Qualifications and Prerequisites

There is no prior experience required; participants are expected to complete some preparatory reading. Each participant will receive a course binder, which will include further optional post-course reading which RiskBusiness strongly advocates the participants consider in their own time.