Fundamentals of Project Management


Since the financial crisis the financial sector has been under Political, Regulatory, Media, Client and Stakeholder scrutiny as never before. The demand from the press and public for information, explanations and in some cases, apologies, has been loud, vociferous and insistent. Strategic realignment and multiple tactically driven projects have initiated and still roll out at pace. For this reason high calibre project managers’ for financial sector firms are in demand and the selection criteria demands candidates with the highest scoring CV’s. We have designed this course specifically for Project Managers competing for the highest profile projects and believe attendance will add further enrichment to your CV and we will provide accreditations as reference to your achievements with us.

There is no other one day course on Project Management like this available.

Aims of the Course

The attendees gain an understanding of how to deal with all roles and responsibilities from sponsorship through to successful implementation. Participants either qualified through PMI or Prince2 will gain practical case study work knowledge and discuss project events and life cycle issues as they occur. In teams we will compare a variety of action and response choices and agree on optimum response to the project issues as they occur.

The day will be based on a sample project based on a combination of real projects. It will include some real examples of problems encountered and how they we resolved.

• What is and what is not a project
• Who is responsible for project
• Key points to ensure project sign off
• How to build a project
• How to form a project
• What consists a project management team
• How to protect a project
• How to build and identify potential risks of a project team
• How to manage risk
  • Management
  • Project team
  • Affected user communities
  • Assigned resources
  • Suppliers
  • Ancillary departments e.g. legal

• How to minimise and manage fall out

Case study of project to select and implement a new system to support a new product range relating to Credit Derivatives using role play by the delegates.


• Delegates to understand the type of issues that can arise in a project
• Approaches to mitigate project risks
• What to look for to identify risks
• An understanding of project management methodology (Prince 2 © )
• Elements to building a successful project team

Who Should Attend

Attendees may be from any function or level in the organisation, but have already gained project management experience and are seeking to develop their careers by becoming very successful business drivers using the best of their personal and PM skills.


It would be based around role-play exercises ideally with each attendee having the opportunity to put forward their own ideas personal strengths and weaknesses relevant to the cultures in which they operate.


In its ‘off-the-shelf’ form, this is a 1-day course. However, the course duration and content can be tailored to suit specific requirements.