Membership Information

BRRT Mission, Vision, Values, Strategies and Membership Benefits 



Members can join the Round Table by invitation only. As professional service suppliers, members agree to uphold the highest levels of integrity and client focused behaviour at all times and operate under the guidance of one or more of the Knights.

Members observe agreed levels of confidentiality across the Round Table and with external parties.

A member who is introducing another member to one of their existing clients as a preferred supplier adopts the role of Introducer and any supportive collaborations are determined with agreement of the client.

Round Table participants are proud to be members or seat holders and represent the common interests of all parties associated with it. The Round table is effectively a professional Business Club.


Members receive sales and marketing support from the Round Table service Hub. These services are provided by TFL Online Limited.
  • BRRT website Management,
  • CRM and email marketing campaigns,
  • Conference and networking meeting organisation,
  • training courses
  • advice and support from their seat Knight
  • collaborative access to all other Knights and their seat members. 

Each Round Table Member joins a specific Seat as an SME and operates under the guidance of a seat holder for the nominated subject. A seat holder is allocated a seat for a rolling 12 month period, starting on 1st November each year. In addition to all current sales and marketing energies a Member Company or Individual Consultant execute for themselves, TFL Online delivers a comprehensive sales and marketing service to the Round Table. This service is free of charge to members and extends towards Senior Management, Human Resources Management and the Middle Offices of all Financial Market participating Firms.

Members benefit from new client introductions from the other Round Table Members.

Confidence between members will grow and create opportunities to collaborate and refer the services of others to their contacts and clients.

Each introduction leading to a contract for professional services for the “introduced” member obliges the introduced to advise the introducer of the contract value negotiated and its terms and conditions. Upon each invoice submission to the end client the introduced will request the submission of an invoice from the introducer of 10% of invoiced value (Introducer Fee) and at the same time request an invoice from TFL Online for 5% of invoiced value. (Facilitation Fee). This facilitation fee will apply until a suitable time when sufficient money flow has occurred to cover BRRT establishment costs when it is envisaged that a charity committee will be established to act as trustees on behalf of BRRT.



Seat value

As the Round Table develops and becomes increasingly visible in terms of successful money flow derived to the seat holders increasing year on year, the seat itself will hold a demand value or gain an intrinsic value.

The Round Table Service Facilitator from TFL Online Limited will report the money values periodically in order that Knights as seat holders can self-assess the values to themselves of retaining their seats at the annual September membership renewal. Any member can seek to realise any intrinsic value in their seat by giving 3 months’ notice of their intention to give up their seat and providing all other members with the opportunity to introduce a replacement Round Table Member. This process provides a type of auction whereby the demand value for a new member can be assessed. Any monies paid by a new incoming member will in the first instance be paid to TFL Online Limited who will retain 5%, pay10% to the introducing member and 85% to the outgoing member.

Upon any notice being supplied of intent not to renew a membership all other members will be advised by TFL Online immediately to allow proper consideration to their replacement, and any new member will be subject to vote determining an invitation letter from all other current members.

Collaborative Projects

It will be quite likely that opportunities will arise where members may be able to respond to larger scope projects for their clients by collaborating with other Round Table members. In such cases the primary member introducing the client would be the Client Relationship Manager, Project Manager and Invoicing entity. Each member accepting a role within the project would contribute their 10% introducer fee.



The Round Table is a professional Round Table Business Club and wants to keep Rules to the minimum and rely upon the integrity of the members individually and collectively.

An AGM will occur each June (3 months prior to the annual membership renewal). Any motions to discuss and agree rule changes will be submitted at this time by any member(s).

Each member must actively seek to balance value they receive from other introducer members with values they create as an introducer themselves.

Any member must accept the right of a quorum of other members to challenge the appropriateness of any other member holding onto a seat where their contribution is determined slight by comparison to others or that their conduct is out of keeping with the Round Table Values. In this event an extraordinary meeting will be called to allow a defence and discussion amongst all members. Each seat holder has one vote.