Media Training for Financial Executives


Since the financial crisis the financial sector has been under media scrutiny as never before. The demand from the press and public for information, explanations and in some cases, apologies, has been loud, vociferous and insistent.

For this reason spokespeople for financial sector firms are in demand by print and broadcast media and there are plenty of opportunities for them to deliver messages that present themselves and their institutions in a positive light. They also need to be both aware and well prepared for the difficult questions that may arise in media interviews.

Aims of the Course

The attendees gain an understanding of how to deal with the press agenda, what to say and what not to say and to present themselves and their business in the most favourable, positive light possible. We employ a radio / TV technician who will work the recording devices and camera.

On the conclusion of the course each attendee will receive a memory stick with their performances on them to take away.


Session One: Introduction

  • Why bother with the media? Risks and benefits.
  • Basics of media agenda.
  • What makes a good story?


Session Two: Developing Key Messages

  • What does the organisation want to say?
  • What does the organisation not want to say?
  • Keeping it simple.
  • First (telephone) interview role play and feedback.


Session Three: Second Interview - for radio

  • Big potential audience, not much time.
  • Staying on message - bridging.
  • Getting the best result from the experience.
  • Playback and analysis.


Session Four: Third Interview - for TV

  • Appearance and posture.
  • Message focus, secondary messaging
  • Down the line and face-to-face.
  • Big opportunity, bigger risk.
  • Playback and analysis.
  • Summary of day's learning.


Who Should Attend

Attendees may be from any function or level in the organisation, but need to be capable of representing the firm to the media. Some key qualities, that they may possess one or more of, can be: good appearance, fluent in English, good grasp of facts, quick thinking, firm in their delivery and charismatic.


It would be based around role-play exercises ideally with each attendee having the opportunity to do at least three interviews.


In its ‘off-the-shelf’ form, this is a 1-day course. However, the course duration and content can be tailored to suit specific requirements.