English Law & Language for Overseas Lawyers in Private



Training will be conducted on a 1:1, 1:2 or small-group basis over 3-5 days. Course duration: 18-30 hours. The course may also be held on a semi-intensive half-daily basis.


The aims of this course are to introduce lawyers in international private practice to key aspects of The English Legal System; to present and discuss terminology and themes in the delegate's own area of practice; to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of English Contract Law; to familiarise delegates with the essential principles of liability under English Law and to give an insight into how legal problems are solved in common law jurisdictions. Basic litigation terms will also be covered.
All of the above will be applied in the context of the communication and soft skills necessary for lawyers in international private practice today.

Legal Subjects & Terminology:

1 Introduction to The English Legal System/comparison with delegate's own system.
2 Introduction to English Contract Law
3 Essential principles of liability under English Law
4 Terms in delegate's own area of practice e.g. Employment, Corporate, Commercial, Real-Estate, Tax, Financial, Inheritance, I.P Law etc
5 Rights & Remedies under English Law
6 Litigation Terms: Commencement of a civil action, Disclosure, Trial, Judgment & Enforcement

Skills :

The following Skills will be practised in the context of the topics outlined above:

Presentation Skills, Client Briefing Skills, Client Conference Skills, Writing Skills


Issues of grammar/syntax, style and expression will be addressed on a remedial basis in the context of the various tasks undertaken on the course.


Whether conducted on a 1:1 or small-group basis, these courses are highly participative and tailored closely to the needs of each delegate. Activities include intensive reading exercises, discussion/analysis of legal concepts, Q&A on legal topics, formal input, simulations, ad-hoc briefings and written exercises.