Performing Risk Assessment


Our service has been developed within the Derivatives World of the Financial Markets where our Risk Assessment methodologies were developed. We have since extended our service into a much broader universe of businesses operating in the Financial Markets. The competencies that we can offer from the Round Table seats in partnership with our mature Risk Assessment approach make us serious candidates to supplement your internal resource if you are planning renewed energies in your overall risk assessments.  

Performing Risk Assessment

We collaborate to bring you a stunning service proposition in the following way:

Our Derivatives OTC & Futures team provide the expertise with our Risk Assessment methodology.

Our Information Management & Technologies team employ technologies including ROAMBI which allow data extraction from authorised sources that populate and report Key Performance Indicators to Tablets, Smartphones and hand held devices. The systems allow us to then correlate Key Risk Indicators with their Performance cousins and hone the risk sensitivities.

Our Transformation & Change team will pull out the programmes required in order to move forward projects that drive your business performance forward dramatically and revenue growth and retention along with it.

Our Project Management team are on hand to guide the projects through to successful implementation of the deliverables using carefully constructed Agile methodologies.

Our Media Management team can work with your marketing, media and PR groups to determine multi-media coverage ensuring maximum upside in stakeholder and client responses.

Our Legal team of Barristers can be on hand to offer advice on any contract and service levels that may be subject to scrutiny as performance levels are changed in response to the revised Dashboard.

Our Accounting & Risk Reporting team can offer consultation on the revised Dashboard of KPI/KRI measurements and advise on the full integration with Management and Regulatory Reporting Highways.

Our Market & Credit Risk team could certainly help with any impacted exposure limit setting, measurement and management reporting processes impacted by change to the Dashboard.

Our Systems Concept to Delivery team comprise specialist software engineers, business analysts and technical architects. They combine to offer exceptional skills available to work with your IT department in assessing the impacts of change within current and developing systems deployed.

Our Governance team are key to our ability to review all proposals that we offer to a client are comfortable within the Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance thresholds.

Our Trading & Marketing teams have developed and support the Risk Management Trading Simulator that provides an opportunity fror client Management to enter any specified Asset Class and, using market real life trading scenarios, experience the dynamics of the Trading Room and the multiple volatilities occurring.

We employ it as a useful tool is Risk Assessment within all the Asset Classes.

Our Asset Management Seat comprises a number of different entities that we present as “Adding Asset Value” one of our four “Focus Areas”. We have Fund Managers, Financial Advisers, M&A, Project and Equity Finance teams, as wells as specialist asset intermediaries. This last community of members range from Distressed Debt mediators to Fractional Life Companies offering our clients access to high value commodities and services provided on demand (exotic cars, exclusive holidays, boat charters, jet and helicopter hire). The due diligence required to accept these companies as members of the Round Table is suitable test of the resilience of our Risk Assessment methodologies. The diverse talents, we have within this Focus Area, provides clients with access to some unique advisory services in Risk Management.

Our remaining seats; FX, Treasury, ALM; Fixed Income Securities; Equities and Commodities provide Business Knowledge Training services and consultancy within these Asset Classes. We have access to specialists from Front, Middle and Back Office disciplines in these markets.

So what about our Risk Assessment Methodology?