Technical Analysis explained


Introduction to Technical Analysis

• What is it all about? Implications
• What is more important than why
• Sentiment, Flow of Funds and Market Indicators

Trends and Trend lines, Share Price Patterns

Head and Shoulders
Flags and Pennants
Symmetrical Triangles

Momentum Indicators

• Simple Moving Averages
• Weighted Moving Averages
• Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)

Breadth, Volatility and Retracement Indicators

• Directional Movement Indicator
• Bollinger Bands
• Moving Averages and Trading Envelopes combined
• Fibonacci analysis

Candlestick Charting

• Terminology; What the Candles tell you and what they don’t
• Dojis – Long-Legged, Dragonfly, Gravestone
• Candles and Dojis combined, Star Positioning
• Hammers and Hanging Man