Exchange Traded Funds an overview


• ETFs & traditional Index Funds compared
• Understanding ETFs, the replication mechanism
• Primary (Redemption, Creation process) & Secondary markets
• Authorised Participants, Portfolio Composition Files
• Real time pricing & Arbitrage opportunities
• Fees, Dividends

Portfolio Management using Exchange Traded Funds

• Deciding on which ETFs to employ
• Core vs Satellite investing
• ETF Variations on a theme - Inverse, Leveraged, Thematic, Active
• ETFs on Commodities, Currencies, Bonds
• Alternatives to ETFs - Equity Index Futures, Equity Index Swaps

Risk Measurement and Management across the ETF Universe

• Tracking error measurement
• Volatility – Statistical probability and dispersion of returns
• Fat Tails in Finance & Black Swans explained
• Case Study – Volatility in practice across the ETF Universe
• Sharpe Ratios, Portfolio Optimisation and rebalancing
• Value at Risk