The Equity Markets from a Corporate’s perspective


Structuring a New Equity Listing – An Issuer’s perspective

• Public offering or Private placement? What sort of shareholders do you want?
• Pros and cons of going public
• Syndication, Underwriting and the Greenshoe option
• Pricing methodology – Book Build or Tender? Money left on the table
• Role of the Lead Manager and Bookrunner
• What does it cost? What attracts Investors?
Case Study - A walk through a new Issue in practice

Private Equity involvement in today’s Capital Markets

• An alternative source of financing without resorting to the Capital Markets?
• From Venture Capital through to Buyout Funds
• Private Equity Fund structures; Fees & Hurdle Rates
• Private Equity involvement with Mergers and Acquisitions
• The maths behind what Equity percentage stake a Private Equity investor would expect to receive in exchange for his investment
• Film – Management Buyouts in practice

Life as a listed entity in the Secondary Market

• Depositary Receipt Programmes for Emerging Market Corporates
• Share Splits, Rights Issues, Buybacks
• Index construction – advantages of being in an Index
• Active vs Passive Equity Fund Management; Exchange Traded Funds
• High Frequency Trading; Exchanges vs Dark Pool Crossing Networks
• Beware - The mechanics of Short Selling – Hedge Funds

How will Investors value the listed business?

• Which is the right valuation metric? – it depends on the sector
• The love affair with the The Price/Earnings ratio Shortcomings of this metric
• What is an appropriate Multiple? PEGs
• Asset Values – The Property sector
• Dividend Valuations – Utilities, Financials
• Enterprise Values at work and Price to Sales
• Case Study – Pricing a New Issue on the Financials

Understanding Exchange Traded Funds