MAPS - Market and Product Summary

  • Market History and Development of the Markets and Exchanges
  • The contracts – What are they?
  • The attributes, STIR, Bonds, Currency, Equity and Commodity
  • Initial and variation margin
  • Unit, delivery month, last trading, notice quotation, tick, trading hours
  • Fair value, Price factors, underlying to contracts
  • Options on futures
  • Role of exchanges and clearing houses
  • Regulation, Compliance, Risk and Controls


TRACE - Trade Risks & Contract Economics

  • Interest Rate-Short Term and Bonds
  • Equities-Single Stock and Indices
  • Credit Spread Contracts
  • Commodities


USE - Understanding Strategies Employed

  • How they are used and the strategies
  • The different counterparties using the products
  • Examining the performance and risks


OPS - Operational Processes

  • How trading and margin management occurs
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Risk control, Reporting and Accounting