Our Insight360 Training Courses


An Introduction to Wealth Management


Introduction and Overview of the Market Place

• Wealth Management in context – comparisons with Retail and Investment Banking. How big is the market? Who are the major players?
• Where is the revenue growth to come from? What are the implications of this?
• Onshore vs Offshore – where are the most popular locations?
• How have the Banks invested their Clients’ wealth? Changing Asset allocation strategies
Case Study – How do Wealth Managers measure their success?

Who exactly is a Wealth Management Client?

• How does one define ‘High Net Worth’?
• Appealing to the ‘Mass Affluent’ , Client Segmentation
• New Money vs Old money - Private Client Requirements and Expectations
• The importance of the Client Relationship Manager
Case Study – How do clients choose a Bank and why might they leave?

Wealth Management Products and Services

• Perceived Principal shifts in the importance of Banking Products and Services
• Discretionary vs Advisory Financial Management, Total Wealth Management
• How do you differentiate your Bank from the competition?
• Family Office – combining the roles of Accountant, Lawyer, Banker
• Ideas for Complementary Services – Art Advisory, Philanthropy
Case Study – The ideal professional service provider

The Top Fee Generators in Wealth Management today

• Structured Products – Guaranteed Funds for different types of Investor
• Private Equity – From Venture Capital to Management Buyouts (DVD examples)
• Hedge Funds – What makes a Fund a Hedge Fund? Where are they domiciled?
• Structured Products and Hedge Funds combined – the killer combination?
End of Course wrap-up Quiz