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Anthony CurtisAnthony Curtis

Tony Curtis has over thirty years experience of working in the City of London for companies such as J.O Hambro where he was appointed a Director of their IMRO regulated Investment Management Company.

He worked as an investment manager within the IFA community, managing broker funds, onshore and offshore. He has a wide experience of all types of investment products with special expertise in investment trusts with particular reference to split capital investment trusts which was gained at Gartmore Investments.

While at Hambros Bank he was Company Secretary of their Unit Trust Company as well as Hambro Generalli Unit Trusts. He was a founding Director and Company Secretary to The National Association of Broker Fund & Investment Managers Limited a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is an member of the Securities Institute.


Martyn Ingram Martyn Ingram 

Martyn Ingram has over twenty years experience in the financial services industry mainly working for IFAS where he specialized in providing advisory and discretionary services using collective investment funds.

Martyn was a Director of Pendleton May Financial Services and has more than seven years experience as an investment manager taking responsibility for broker funds and portfolio management services; he has the rare distinction of achieving first decile performance over seven years as manager of a Skandia Pension Broker Fund.

Martyn was a founding Director of The National Association of Broker Fund & Investment Managers Limited, a member of the London regional panel of the Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds (AUTIF) and is an Affiliate of the Securities Institute. 


AssetManagement1The emphasis of Independent Portfolio Managers business is absolute return and/or preservation of capital.

Independent Portfolio Managers Limited has a proven track record over 10 Years of providing consistent, low volatile returns. An example of this is in 2007, IPM took the decision to remove its clients first from property and then from the bond and equity markets during the year. Its clients therefore largely remained protected from the ravages of the ‘credit crunch’.

If you are interested in taking advantage of IPM’s extensive experience in investment analysis, research and due diligence, please see Funds & Partners.